vRO Active Directory Plugin needs LDAPS [read.virtualizeplanet.com]

vRO Active Directory Plugin needs LDAPS

Recently I rebuilt vRealize Automation in my home lab gearing up for some internal sessions on home labs. I wanted to show usual stuff like provisioning a VM and some admin orchestration like user management. What I noticed, however, is in vRealize Orchestrator that the Active Directory workflow to change a user’s Active Directory password would not work, and the error alluded to a certificate error. After doing some digging about, I found out it’s because I wasn’t authenticating to Active Directory over LDAPS (Ldap over SSL) . Now in a vRealize Automation and a vRealize Orchestrator setup that would be configured in 3 places. 1) In the vRealize Orchestrator appliance to authenticate vRealize Orchestrator against Active Directory over…Read More

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